Tangerine Moons


perpetual bliss
caught on waves of ecstasy
ring continuously
in the dark of sea shells
borne on the backs of seahorses
chasing mermaids in deep cold
currents of another sailor’s dreams


Night Thief

She came during the night

when dreams were thick

with perfume dripped  sweat.

Dancing between

 better sense and burning needs

she robbed me of everything.

She stripped the night naked,

of all reasons to say no.

I begged her top unlock

every barred door,

leave nothing untouched.

She promised nothing.

Lost in her arms

we braided ourselves

between sheets of

lies and lust

She slew me until

all the remained was us.

Her hand coaxed;

willingly I showed the way,

past secret gardens

through marble doors

into chambers of forgot-me-knots.

There, I offered and she took.

Every fear I harbored, every misgiving

given away for one night.


Rapture came, then went on,

birthed new worlds

from dying stars

in their final throes

both consumed

in haunting darkness.

When the spell  broke,

I was covered in the scent of a thousand dreams

lying prostate, alone.

No sign remain,

no trail was laid,

nor clue found,

to where she had taken…

my heart.