Sysnopsis – Miracles POETRY

“Synopsis – Miracles”

Why Miracles for a poetry book title? Miracles is about death. The lost of my mother and of others I have known. Death like birth is a Miracle. Is the moving from here in this space we live in, to that place beyond the veil where we can not see.

Miracles came out of grieving the death of my mother. She passed suddenly without much warning which left me in mid-thought.  I was stuck there for months. I knew she was gone but the depth of that had not sunk in until I was going to make a call on my cell phone and there was her name and number like nothing ever happened. I started writing short blurbs of thoughts that came racing through my head. As I wrote a faucet opened letting me feel more of my own grief. It was almost three months after the funeral that I cried for the first time over her. Until then it was a hollow place where no feelings were allowed, or able to reach.  A Collection of Poems Miracles has been completed for a long time. It was never intended for sale. It was my path I walked very privately through grieving.

A year later I began to add to it. Death is universal. What I felt was not unique to just me. I saw Death in a different light than ever before. I started to write more about the death of the people around me.

Then I became serious about writing and publishing. If you write you should have a healthy desire to publish too. They go hand in hand. I was a green hand at all of this stuff.  I understood the need to gain knowledge and began to read and read more. I stumbled onto KDP (Kindle Direct Printing). It looked simple, easy to master, so I grabbed my kindle and looked real hard at that book I download on KDP. I followed the directions, put my book together and here it is.


The learning experience was the push I needed to move on to Eversoul.