I have found many good resources. I used them and I want to share them with others.

First on my list Brandon Sanderson. Successful writer and teacher of creative writing in Utah University. He has kindly posted his twelve lectures on the subject to youtube for all the world.  Everything you need to get you moving on your story, to sharpen your skills, develop new skills. I highly recommend listening to these lectures several times. I downloaded them to CD’s and listed on my way back and forth to work. This link will bring you to his list for the year 2016.

Brandon Sanderson Lectures

Of course, I have to give you the link to his website where you can ponder more on writing and check out his books. I love his writing and his teaching style.

Orson Scott Card How to write Science Fiction & Fantasy ISBN 9781582971032, It is not a heavy read but it is full of a lot of cool stuff on writing. Less than 140 pages to read its a nice tool to have in your hands. It talks about, 1. What is and what isn’t 2. World Creation, 3. Story construction, 4. Writing well, 5. The life and Business of Writing

Read it. Study it. Live it.

Orson Scott Card

K.M. Weiland –  Creating Character Arcs, Outlining Your Novel, I began by getting some helpful emails from Weiland and started to follow her writing. I bought the two above books and their workbooks. That grew into buying her book Dreamlander. She has been a good source of general knowledge. She is easy to follow, offers sound advice and is very down to earth. I look forward to reading more of her works, and her emails. Her books can be found on Amazon.

David Endings  – David Eddings July 7, 1931 – June 2, 2009.

A great Storyteller David’s ability to weave characters and plot into the best stories I have read. Every story was an epic adventure. His writing style and his stories had to end too soon. David’s books can still be found on Amazon, and elsewhere. I read the Belgariad before and I am reading it again.

The Belgariad (1982–84), The Malloreon (1987–91), The Elenium (1989–91), The Tamuli (1992–94), and The Dreamers (2003–06).



Publishing links Every book must have a great cover. I cannot tell you how many times I bought a book based on its cover. There was twice as many I put back on the shelf because the cover turned me off. Go to Fiverr and look for “Pro Ebook covers”.  I used this service to create the cover for Eersoul the Secret and for A collection of Poems Miracles. For about 40.00 they will create your Ebook cover customed to your choices from the vast material there and your description. This same cover can be used for your paperback book also, Very professional folks with great skills.

Kindle on demand on Printing This service is has everything you need to upload your manuscript to Amazon for sale. There is even an E-Book on Amazon that instructs you one step at a time to format your book for the Kindle. You can download their app to preview what the book will look like in several different forms, tablet, phone, desktop pc, etc. Amazon Advantage is the book is in your hands. Amazon disadvantage, the book is in your hands. You have to market yourself, your book, or hire someone to else to manage it.  The benefit is you get a high royalty margin. On E-books in can be as much as 70% of the prices of each book. Paperback books the royalty margin is lower because of the cost of manufacturing the book. You can sell a lot of books there but it takes work to do it. You decided the price of your E-Book and your Paperback book. A new site I found and I am currently exploring.  A place to showcase your book, get reviews, and advertise your talent. I opened my free account and I am exploring the possibles.