Future Projects

Future projects.  Yes, Eversoul is not my only project. After Eversoul the Secret there will be two more books. Eversoul the Cost and Eversoul the Truth. Jack is the star character in all three books. Redbeard will follow Jack through the story as well. I make no promises to keep characters alive though. But I promise the struggles they all face will be challenging to say the least. This is a struggle to tell or reveal the truth or not. When to tell the truth, when to hold it back. What things should never be said. What things should never have been done. It’s a struggle for survival in a kingdom overran with demons. Jack is pitted against family, honor, and loyalty. Sometimes the choices are difficult but he must choose. Hang around and watch Jack grow.

2. Peter is the main character for another story plot. Peter lives in an orphanage with twenty other unfortunate children who are without parents. The lady of the manor made it her calling to rescue them and to make ladies and lords out the best of them. She and her sisters school them in reading, math, manners, edict and the duties to run her manor day to day.

To support some of their needs they are hired out by other lords for labor as the Lord sees fit. The girls get hired for kitchen duties, sowing, knitting, household cleaning chores and handmaidens. All the girls when they leave wear a chastity belt to keep their virginity intact.

The boys are hired for man servants, labor, and sometimes to learn a trade and take over a business from a lord with no heirs. This was Peter’s calling. To step in and run his Lords business when he disappears without warning. Peter naturally goes looking for him.

3. Space opera –  What happens when a picket fleet gets jumped by an unknown race, with technology never seen before? A space conflict between two admirals caught between politics, honor and sensible reasoning.  In the early stages of development.

4. A horror story about children who disappear from an orphanage. Strange developments in the community start with disappearing dogs and cats. The local private detective Earl gets drawn in looking for a couples young four-year-old daughter Lisa who disappeared from her bedroom. The local police are baffled and ask a retired New York city detective for assistance,  Early development for this is ongoing.