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Update on Eversoul

I have always given value to my gut feelings. Somehow if we listen to ourselves the voices inside will often guide us to make the best out of the worst, even when we are unaware. I read not as much as I should perhaps. I am a self-admitted Amazon addict. Like many, I love free stuff. I have over 100 books on my kindle. Everything from research material to reading material to learning books. It is all there. I pulled up one of my free download books and discovered a gem waiting for me. Pretty much everything you wanted to know about KDP and didn’t know enough to ask. I was stuck reading to the end and could not pick anything else up until I made to the end. Now I am doing my second read of it slower and taking notes. More on this book will be coming this weekend.

Meantime I have two chapters left on my first review and edit! Hooray! And I discovered a new software program to help me clean it up too! I am looking for some beta readers for Eversoul. If you are interested email me at gary222d@hotmail.com. As soon as it is ready you will receive a PDF file with the book. After the corrections are made and a final draft of the book is ready. You will have a choice of a free Ebook, or a discounted paperback copy Signed by the Author – ME! Before the weekend sweeps you away, send that email to me and get signed up now!

Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, new, New Author

Update Eversoul.

Excuses never got me anywhere in my life. My own timetable slipped. Eversoul was supposed to be on the bookshelves already. Instead, it is still in the rewrite phase. My life has been in full gear this year boring neck-breaking speeds almost out of control. Real everyday work can be demanding. For me, it often puts my writing life into a spin and picking up only leftover time that somehow got missed. I gain a young ward in July a wonderful eight-month-old baby Girl, called Annalynn Rose. She has gracefully demanded a rebalance of my time. She is a wonderful little person and a blessing in my home.  She can have whatever she needs of my time.

This week I am off work sitting home recovering from a bad weekend with a bladder infection.  And writing the rewrite of Eversoul. I will update my site with some more goodies on the weekend, but mostly I need to finish Eversoul the Secret.


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I was asked about publishing poetry. I had not included that here before, but I have a book of poetry that I published titled Miracles. Miracles is about dealing with my mother’s death.  It was also about learning how to publish on Amazon. The poems were written a few years ago, although they still strike the same feelings when I read them today. It was hard to edit the poems and work the manuscript because I had to spend so much time in those feelings again. It has not had the exposure it needs to sell any amount of copies. It was not my intention too. But, it is there and it continues to receive updates, which is one of the things I like best about E-books on Amazon! Whenever I update Miracles, those who have purchased it can get the update for free. At present, the E-book is a $2.99. If you buy the paperback you will still be eligible for a free E-book of Miracles. The paperback copy is $5.25.

Amazon is great if you just want to get published. If you really want to be an Author and write books for your audience it is a place to do that too. When you take on this task, it is not to be taken lightly. You will have to take on responsibility for the entire process. Editing, formatting,  cover design, and creation of the story or poetry too. The best part is Amazon’s KDP is free! So if you can put the rest of the process together yourself, it is a place to learn. There is a booklet that tells you how to format the manuscript to comply with Amazon’s format so it appears nice in their Kindle readers. And Fivver.com has a lot of resources to add you as well. Many services are available from editing to creating a cover and much, much more.  It is still a task worth undertaking. Go slow, get a website set up, and most important – write! Email me for more information at gary222D@hotmail.com


Eversoul Book one The Secret, Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, new, New Author

Eversoul the Secret – Jack

Jack grew up on a farm in the Catskill Mountains never knowing the truth of his origin until he is swept away to his real family and home on High Earth. On High Earth, Jack is regarded as their savior from the demon spawn that has overrun the kingdom of Elvendale. In a band of mixed races, lead by a black elf, the secrets of Jack’s life begin to unwrap revealing the lies family and friends have told to keep him safe. But no one knows what the gift is that his mother bestowed on him years ago that is supposed to save everyone. Follow Jack as the truth unravels and he has to choose who and what to believe

Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, new, New Author

Eversoul the Secret

When folks talk to me about writing often I realize they have little to no idea what it takes to write a book. Some think you just sit down and tell a story. Others think it is so easy to put it all together because they have never tried it. Well, It is not impossible but if you are interested in writing something that others would want to read, you really have to put effort into telling your story in the best way possible and in a manner that holds interest. Conflict is the best way to captivate and maintain your reader’s interest. Writing Eversoul the Secret has brought me much growth. I have learned a lot about mistakes made and ones to avoid. I am learning which useless phases I overuse just because I love them. Yea, not a good thing. I also have learned about conflict and even more about characters. I finished Eversoul the Secret months ago. At least that was what I thought. I put it down, toasted myself with a cup of coffee, and took a break. A month later I picked it up and started reading it. I was stunned at how good some parts were and appalled at how bad others were. I knew I was going to rewrite it when I finished it the first time, that was a given. After reading it, I was trying to figure out what to save from the original manuscript.

I took months wading through chapter after chapter, work and writing bits I wasn’t sure I would ever use before a fresh flushed out picture began to form. Now, four months later I am ready to tackle the next draft. In most any creative avenue, the creator always sees how much better it could be. They find flaws no one sees, and rarely feel 100% satisfied with the end product. That is not the case with Eversoul. There were major items that needed to be fixed. Holes that were not meant to be, loose threads all over the place, (some intended most not). So, everyone got a makeover. Mostly the picture, the plot, became more defined, sharpening the conflicts and provided the contrast of what was missing. Tomorrow I start writing again. and piecing the new pieces together.