Eversoul Book one The Secret, Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, New Author

I am Back. 04 September 2019

It has been too long since I was back in the writers chair. I had to unexpectedly  move. I honestly saw it coming but I did everything I could to change course. It didn’t really matter in the end. I had to pack up a three bedroom house, basement and garage without a place to move it too. It ended up in storage for now. Yea three storage rooms to fit it all after giving away a bout a 10 X 10 Storage space of stuff. You never know how much you have until you try to move it.

I saved the laptop and my desktop from ending up in that hot dark place. I brought them with me. After a month of adjustment to my new corner of the world, today the motors kicked back on and Jack’s story began to stew some more.

When I was last working on it after finishing the completed first draft, I felt something was missing. Some of the characters felt extremely under developed. They names but not real more than that, Today while wake dreaming in the heat of a third floor room everything melted together into a clearer picture. Jack is back and so is the rest of the crew.

Eversoul Book one The Secret, Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, new, New Author, publishing

Book Covers – Eversoul

Deciding on which cover to keep and pay cash for is proving to be a much more difficult choice than I thought. I guess my thinking was no one would be interested in my contest. Perhaps it was doubt about the quality of work that would be presented. Some of the work did out shine the rest. A lot of it has been high quality in my eye and that has made the choice much more difficult than I thought it would be.

When the images began to take on shading and looked less like paper dolls and more like photos of real people I should have know I was in trouble. When the first one arrived I jumped for joy and the amazing clarity and beautiful picture taken from a scene in the book.

The a second image arrived and a third and fourth one came into my account. It is painful deciding which single cover is to represent the book to the whole world. Yet, that is exactly what I have to do. I thought I had decided on one, until I ran a poll on the last three choices.

My choice did win a few votes but one of the other covers took in a larger than expected number of votes. Now I wonder, do I choose that one against my favorite? Or, how about that cover that sneaked in just as the contest came to a close? Decisions, decisions how will I decide?

Eversoul Book one The Secret, Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, new, New Author

Covers of the Final Round

Out of 150 plus covers I am down to seven covers and my last day to review. I could use some input. comment below, with your choice. Eversoul is a fictional work on an alternate earth where magic is highly common place. Jack is seeking his past, while his new friends and family attempt to keep secrets about Jack. All of the covers showcase parts from the story of Eversoul so, now it is down to art wort and which catches your eye the most.Which would you pick up from a book shelf?








Eversoul Design by alsov ✪



Eversoul Design by Evocative"




Eversoul Design by CirceCorp


Eversoul Design by PhoenixDesigns23

Eversoul Book one The Secret, Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, new, New Author

Selection Process Begins

The submissions are in 120 plus in all. I filter through them and reduced it to 50. More filtering needs to be done today. I need to get down to the final 6 and push forward. It is nice to watch the designs pour in until you realize you can only have one cover. Which one will be? I am pulling from my friends for input but in the end the buck stops here, with me. I have selected five designs that I think are at the top of their game and bring the concept of the book out the best. going to relax and come back to it in a few hour later. Tomorrow I will announce the finalist.


Eversoul book Covers day 2

Designs keep pouring in and the field to choose from continues to grow harder to pick from. I am glad for so many choices but I may be forced to run several  polls to narrow the field down to the final selections Monday night or early Tuesday I will list the final polls for everyone to vote for their number one choice. Then their will be a final poll for the winner!.