About Gary

Gary Paul Dickerson was born on January 11, 1956, on a cold winter day in Glen Cove on Long Island New York, New York. Born to Evelyn and John Dickerson, he was their fourth child. John R. Dickerson Jr, Thomas D. Dickerson Susan A. Dickerson were at the front of the family tree. Gary got the back seat and enjoyed it.

As a youth, Gary enjoyed reading Amazing Stories, Readers Digest, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Sci-Fi always amazed Gary’s imagination even though reading was not easy for Gary.  Black and white episodes of Superman drew him to the written word. If Clark Kent could write stories, why not him? He missed the point that Clark Kent was Superman, he only saw the reporter as a possibility after all he isn’t from Krypton.

In sixth grade, he wrote his first story. It was his version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was fantastic! The story that is. The grammar and sentence structure were absolutely horrible.  He got a 50% on the paper. His heart sank on his dream to write. Embarrassed, because the papers were graded in front of everyone in the classroom Gary never spoke of his desire to write again to anyone.  Although Gary never stopped reading he stopped writing. But, the fire never died.

Seventh, eighth, and ninth grade went by without any serious attempts at writing stories. Then in tenth grade when he started watching the Night Gallery hosted by Rod Sterling. It was that Christmas he got a manual typewriter that sparked him to dream again.  Both stirred the muse inside him to pick up the pen and try again. Now pass many of the issues he suffered in grade school, he began a collaboration with a schoolmate John Wolfeil. They shot ideas back and forth and Gary wrote them into short stories of one to five pages.

His English teacher’s grading book went missing during the end of the fourth quarter marking period. To boost your grade, he allowed anyone to hand in extra creative writing for bonus grades. Gary handed in ten short stories. All were accepted and none got less than a B. With confidence restored Gary went back to writing. It was still early in his life and many obstacles littered the path slowing Gary from the kind of progress he dreamed of.

He dreamed of college. He dreamed of forestry. He dreamed of being a soldier. He went straight to college on a BOE grant the fall after he graduated. Landscaping was the major. Passed all but the course on identification which required knowing the Latin names of trees and shrubs that found impossible to pronounce. His diction problem from grade school haunted him in failure. He took business courses the second year around and retook the course he failed and failed it again.

On August first, 1976 Gary was married to Shirley A. Quick and Gary Jr. soon was born. Son James followed in eighteen months and it was a constant struggle to keep ahead of the bills. Work in Ulster County was more season than full time. Gary grew impatience with working seasonal jobs and collecting unemployment.

At the suggestion of his brother Thomas, Gary visited him at Fort Lee in Virginia for a look at life in the army. It really did not take much to talk him into the idea of joining. Steady pay, work for the term of the contract, free medical, was all it took. Gary signed up two months later to go in for an Army Intelligence school. Basic training, advanced individual training was never bad, and never all that good either, but bills got paid and life improved.

The intelligence school did not work out, and the army was willing to hand out second choices for what they were short of. Communications school was not Gary’s first choice. It was a far cry better than becoming a military policeman. Finally, the Army and Gary were headed down the same path.

It was during this time that Gary picked up a thick paperback book to read, Xanth – Castle Roogna, by Piers Anthony. The concepts of magic and fantasy sealed Gary’s fate to write again. As luck would have her way soon Gary found his family moving from Fort Monmouth New Jersey to be stationed at Fort Shafter Hawaii. There Gary’s neighbor Paul Taylor brought him into his group that played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Gary was hooked on high fantasy for good.

Before this, the only writing Gary dabbled in was space opera. Suddenly the whole magical kingdom was falling on Gary and he could only dream of dragons, giants, elves, dwarves, and of course, the lich king. Working for the army left too little time to write full stories. So, Gary substituted by running AD& D games as the Dungeon Master. Creating backdrops for his own world settings and adventures for the group to tromp through and puzzles to solve.  Little did he understand that this was leading him further into creating his own awesome adventure stories.

Reading from authors like Brandon Sanderson, K.M. Weiland, David Endings, Edgar Cayce, Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey, J.R.R. Tolkien, George Martin, and Orson Scott Card. Gary continues to read on many subjects and write high fantasy because he loves it so much.

In the spring of 2017, Gary decided it was the year would he begin his writing career as he brings his long service to his country to an end. Thus, his first book Eversoul the Secret was born. Writing where, whenever he could, the book is in its final stages of completion. Gary has plans for Eversoul to be a trilogy and possibly more. Eversoul – the Truth, Eversoul – the Cost, will follow so, stay in touch.

There are plans for another series in the making for 2020 Peter’ Secret.

Gary still enjoys AD & D, and also enjoys gardening, walks in the woods, fishing from the river bank, his four dogs and two cats, twelve grandchildren or more(?) and two Great-grandsons and spending time alone with his wife Shirley who continues to support his writing efforts