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Good bye Dave Ryan

How do you sum up the life of another person? Is it the sum of things did over their years? Is the amount of money in their bank accounts? Is it the number of friends that show up on the day they are buried? Or is it the sum of the loss created when the void takes their place when they depart? Is the sum between the dates with the dash?

It is likely that some or all of these apply to some folk’s point of view. Dave Ryan was not the president of the United States of America. But that does not make him a lesser man. I met Dave many years ago around 1987 at work when he worked in the tech control section next to me. He trained me on varies equipment and schooled me in a conservative view point. He was wise, direct when asked his opinion. He did not beat around the bush, he went straight to the truth and spoke it plain enough there was no mistake.

Dave was a family man, a father, a husband, his words surrounded them with love and hope always. I always felt he was a straight shooter, honest, and full of life. I envied him when he retired, wishing I had planned better and joined him. I enjoyed hearing about Dave in retirement living the good life.

But, we do not come with expiration dates to aid us in our planning. Our time creeps along slowly hiding in the closet, under the bed in the shadows. We might get signs along the way that we will not live forever, most of which we will ignore. Diabetes, heart issues, blood pressure, COPD, just to name a few. We do not realize it would seem, that we can’t go on forever.  Our biology doesn’t allow for that. We have a point when our task here are done, whether we agree or not.

What waits for us in death is an age-old question none of us know the answer too. We have to cling to our beliefs and faith to see us through. Dave is on the other side of that veil now. He is free of everything his body held him too. As the door to this place opened and closed, Dave continues on in a rebirth after death.

I feel I was lucky to know him, to pick him for knowledge and his humor. I will not forget him, he left his impression on me that shall be with me until I find my expiration date. Good luck Dave, you will be missed by many you left behind.

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