Eversoul Book one The Secret, Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, new, New Author

Update on Eversoul

I have always given value to my gut feelings. Somehow if we listen to ourselves the voices inside will often guide us to make the best out of the worst, even when we are unaware. I read not as much as I should perhaps. I am a self-admitted Amazon addict. Like many, I love free stuff. I have over 100 books on my kindle. Everything from research material to reading material to learning books. It is all there. I pulled up one of my free download books and discovered a gem waiting for me. Pretty much everything you wanted to know about KDP and didn’t know enough to ask. I was stuck reading to the end and could not pick anything else up until I made to the end. Now I am doing my second read of it slower and taking notes. More on this book will be coming this weekend.

Meantime I have two chapters left on my first review and edit! Hooray! And I discovered a new software program to help me clean it up too! I am looking for some beta readers for Eversoul. If you are interested email me at gary222d@hotmail.com. As soon as it is ready you will receive a PDF file with the book. After the corrections are made and a final draft of the book is ready. You will have a choice of a free Ebook, or a discounted paperback copy Signed by the Author – ME! Before the weekend sweeps you away, send that email to me and get signed up now!

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