Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, new, New Author

Update Eversoul.

Excuses never got me anywhere in my life. My own timetable slipped. Eversoul was supposed to be on the bookshelves already. Instead, it is still in the rewrite phase. My life has been in full gear this year boring neck-breaking speeds almost out of control. Real everyday work can be demanding. For me, it often puts my writing life into a spin and picking up only leftover time that somehow got missed. I gain a young ward in July a wonderful eight-month-old baby Girl, called Annalynn Rose. She has gracefully demanded a rebalance of my time. She is a wonderful little person and a blessing in my home.  She can have whatever she needs of my time.

This week I am off work sitting home recovering from a bad weekend with a bladder infection.  And writing the rewrite of Eversoul. I will update my site with some more goodies on the weekend, but mostly I need to finish Eversoul the Secret.


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