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I was asked about publishing poetry. I had not included that here before, but I have a book of poetry that I published titled Miracles. Miracles is about dealing with my mother’s death.  It was also about learning how to publish on Amazon. The poems were written a few years ago, although they still strike the same feelings when I read them today. It was hard to edit the poems and work the manuscript because I had to spend so much time in those feelings again. It has not had the exposure it needs to sell any amount of copies. It was not my intention too. But, it is there and it continues to receive updates, which is one of the things I like best about E-books on Amazon! Whenever I update Miracles, those who have purchased it can get the update for free. At present, the E-book is a $2.99. If you buy the paperback you will still be eligible for a free E-book of Miracles. The paperback copy is $5.25.

Amazon is great if you just want to get published. If you really want to be an Author and write books for your audience it is a place to do that too. When you take on this task, it is not to be taken lightly. You will have to take on responsibility for the entire process. Editing, formatting,  cover design, and creation of the story or poetry too. The best part is Amazon’s KDP is free! So if you can put the rest of the process together yourself, it is a place to learn. There is a booklet that tells you how to format the manuscript to comply with Amazon’s format so it appears nice in their Kindle readers. And has a lot of resources to add you as well. Many services are available from editing to creating a cover and much, much more.  It is still a task worth undertaking. Go slow, get a website set up, and most important – write! Email me for more information at


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