May 23 2018 King Redbeard


Redbeard has been King of Underhill for one hundred fifty-three years.  Has as been successful for so long because of his willingness to stand tough for tradition. He reestablished the dwarven Church and brought the Archbishop into his council for the first time in five hundred thirty-three years. His defeat of the long-standing King Iron-anvil was well received. Redbeard has enjoyed broad support from all the clans at Underhill until the recent influx of Elves.  Elves and dwarves don’t see eye to eye on much. The Dwarves love their stone and underneath living. They revel in the smell of iron on a rock and the beat of bass drums. They love dark strong ale and contest of strength. Mushroom stew with bits of mystery meat, potatoes, carrots, beets are their mainstay dishes.

The elves love their flutes, string instruments like the harp. They enjoy fancy dancing, fine foods, and miracle wines. They adore special floral arrangments, fine crystal, and silk cloth. Chainmail armor or leather suits them best. Though their weapons are nothing like the dwarves. Bows, long blades, long knives, for their skirmish troops. Their fighting style looks more like a dance, while the dwarves are more like a bull in a china shoppe swing hammers in both hands in a mini berserker rage like a Viking.

Redbeard’s dwarven kingdom is cracking. Others want to seize on the inconvenience of the elves living in close quarters with the dwarves as an excuse for taking the throne from Redbeard. There is a good deal of discontent among the common folks and the warrior class. Most would be happy with the Elves gone from Underhill. One clan would like to kill the elves and see if Belial would offer them a reward. This is a small dangerous group. A coup is building against him and he knows it. The question is how long does he have before it all comes to a head. It’s a fine line he walks trying to assist the elves without appearing to do so. Most of this is being done through the Archbishop and the church.

He is a good dwarf and a fair leader. If he can stay ahead of those trying to dethrone him he will be known as building the strongest bond between dwarf and elf ever. He is however tempted to roll a stone in front of his door and tell the elves to leave but he won’t. That is the demons trying to gain a foothold in his mind. He might even help the elves win the war with the demons.

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