Eversoul Book one The Secret, Fantasy Fiction Eversoul G.P.Dickerson, New Author

Cassandra “Cat”

Cassandra and Jack had always been close sister and brother relationship. Neither of them understood mother well. Mother always favored Jack, and Jack did his best to excuse her and pass his favored status to his sister when possible. They both knew the game and neither understood their mother’s motives behind it.

When the demons invaded Eversoul, Jack’s safety was paramount. Often Cassandra was used to leading demons astray in their search for Jack. That she and Jack where twins made that possible. Jack was whisked away by Cassandra and Mrs. Callahan to hide him from the demons and from their mother. Cassandra was afraid of what her plans for her brother had grown into and felt it was her duty to save him. Little did she know mother’s plan was already seeded.

Cassandra and mother fought many proxy battles against each other without Cassandra knowing her mother was behind it. They parted ways during the invasion leaving Cassandra unsure of her mother’s status. She was told mother died defending Jack at Castle Moore, she was also told she was alive and fighting the demons too. No matter how Cassandra tried to join her mother, she never was able to catch up with her.  Cassandra began to doubt mother was alive and thought maybe they were just stories to boost the morale of the troops. She never stopped trailing stories of her mother and did her best to keep a record for the future when she could confront her about it.

She kept tabs on Jack with Mrs. Callahan on Low Earth waiting for him to join her. Rumors of the gift mother had bestowed on him ran rampant throughout the resistant fighters, along with the prophecy of a fighter who would return in their darkest hour and save Eversoul from the demons.

Cassandra waited for this gift to emerge and never saw any sign of it. Luntar a friend and future interest of Cassandra’s helped where he could while leading a band of rebels against the demons. It was Luntar who urge Cassandra to bring Jack back fearing the demons were closing in on his hidden location.

Cassandra has secrets of her own but is afraid of what will happen when they are revealed.

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