May 20, 2018 About Jack

Jack doesn’t remember anything before the farm tucked up against the Catskill Mountains in New York. Mrs. Callahan told Jack about his parents since Jack can remember. They died in a car wreck on Valentine Day because of a drunk driver that ran them off the road. Mrs. Callahan is the only living relative was awarded custody of Jack by the courts after a brief court hearing within a month of their death.

Jack was homeschooled until high school when he joined the public school system for the first time.   Jack was quite in school preferring to make his grades and stay out of the normal social circles that often form in those teen years. It was never that he was unfriendly or that he hid away like a wallflower. He never felt like he belonged. He was different though he could not explain how or why he felt that way.  The animals on the farm accepted him, and the wilderness called him to walk among the forest and fields of the farm often.  Jack was a loner and comfortable with it.

From as early back as he could remember there was always chores waiting for him on the farm. It started with feeding the chickens, rabbits and later the pigs, horses, and steer.  It was good work that Jack grew into as he grew from boy toward manhood.

As Jack grew he became increasingly aware of the shadows around him. The shadows called to him drew him to them and sometimes made him feel uncomfortable. He felt he was being watched but never could he prove it. When he would shine his flashlight into them there was no one there. This was Jack’s life until the summer he turned thirteen.

When Jack turned thirteen he started having those dreams. Dreams of places far away from the farm. He could only remember the faintest of details when he woke. He didn’t think anything was up with them when it started. It was like dreaming about a walk in the woods. That was until he saw his first unicorn. From that point onward there was an assortment of a strange beast that appeared in Jack’s dreams. Most just stared at him while he stared back.

But the wolves he saw were not only huge, they seemed to be tracking his scent. Whenever they picked up his scent and closed in on Jack, his dreams would end with him back on the farm in bed. Until one night when that changed.

Jack never saw himself as a hero. When he gets called out to save Eversoul and High Earth from Belial he finds himself caught between his hidden past and his life on Low Earth. It is hard to deny the truth being told him, and its hard to believe that everything he knows is a lie meant to keep him safe for all these years. Jack just wants to go home the farm, finish high school and maybe go to college. Instead, he finds himself trapped on High Earth pitted against forces he can barely believe.

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